Chez Diesél inks

Transport Topics Inks

Ink’s for next Monday’s cartoon

He’s texting about snozzberries

Transport Topics Distracted Driving Cartoon

The actual caption is slightly different. I just wanted to work a Super Troopers joke in there. Meow?

TT Cartoon, HURRY!

I really liked this one as inks. The colors look a little light, but since target medium is print it will look fine in the end.

The newspaper uses two different paper stocks, and I never know which kind the cartoon is going to run on, heavy glossy or a lighter, duller stock. That [...]

TT Cartoon, looking for alternatives

My editor tells me that tires now cost a lot more. They should switch up to the extra wide single tires instead of running duelies.

Reminds me of one day Rick Beckrich, the previous TT cartoonists, was making a comment about bobtail tractors. The rest of the staff,and I, stared at him blankly. “BOBTAILS! [...]

TT Cartoon, finished

Wrapped this up last night. Having just driven up and down the Jersey Turnpike this is a bit personal.

MCE 2011 Grapevine Texas

Been hired to do this years cover. This will be a photo illustration when it’s done.

- commission custom art? –

Trucks and NASCAR

Inks for next week’s cartoon. Fun stuff.

Recent cartoon for Transport Topics, obviously a play on Dicken’s A Tale of Two Cities. In that vein I wanted the illustration to have a period feel. To that end I added extra lines, reminiscent of engravings, to the the edges of the drawings in the book. I also went with a faded palette [...]

It’s an H1N1 Christmas

Christmas is around the corner and even Santa can’t cure the flu.

This is the sketch for next Monday’s editorial cartoon. I’ll post the inks and the finished drawing to give you a look at the process.