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Transport Topics Cartoon

Today’s cartoon

Tax Day

Tax Day Sketch

Transport Topics Cartoon

Tax Day Finish

So yeah. I didn’t post anything for a long time, obviously. But here’s me trying to get back in the swing. Enjoy my cartoons for things that happened weeks ago!

Oh, but I did gget my tax return today! Guess who is [...]

Sweet Dreams

Transport Topics Cartoon

Transport Topics Cartoon

Sketch and inks I did for my Earth Day cartoon. Finished version to come.

Super Bowl

Transport Topics Cartoon

Originally I had the dispatcher saying a whole litany of trucking-augmented football sayings. Working with the editors we cut it down to just this one quote by Joe Namath “when you win, nothing hurts.”

I jokingly refer to this sort of piece as a “cartooning for the blind.” It’s my short [...]

Super Bolw inks

Transport Topics Cartoon

Did an insane amount of revisions on this one, especially to the text. Unfortunately I forgot to save them all. I wanted to post them because I thought it was an interesting progression. Oh well.

Christmas Haul

Transport Topics Cartoon – Christmas Haul

Only did two Christmas themed cartoons this year. Sometimes do three or four, so it’s nice to switch up the ideas.

TT Cartoon

Transport Topics Cartoon – Too Fast?

Had fun drawing and inking this piece. The blacks are a little heavier than previous pieces, something I might be trying to emphasize on the next couple pieces.

Driver Recruitment

Transport Topics Cartoon – Driver Recruitment sketch

Transport Topics Cartoon – Driver Recruitment

Fun drawing, the sketch for this one was fully digital. Found a nice high tech cab reference then further blinged it out. Kinda weird that I draw all these trucks and I’ve only been in a cab a handful of [...]

Hapy Halloween

Transport Topics Cartoon – Happy Halloween

A few days late on posting, but the Halloween toon. I know they made some text changes before press, but I like this as is.

Fun in the sun

Transport Topics Memorial Day Inks

Transport Topics Distracted Memorial Day Final

Summer is just around the corner, don’t forget your sunblock. There are a couple differences between the two. Seems when I did the inking I was too focused on detail and really messed up his Wayfarers. Yay for the magic of the [...]