Super Bolw inks

Transport Topics Cartoon

Did an insane amount of revisions on this one, especially to the text. Unfortunately I forgot to save them all. I wanted to post them because I thought it was an interesting progression. Oh well.

America’s Road Team – Safety Super Heroes

Transport Topics Cartoon – America’s Road Team

A lot more work than usual went into this piece, but I really think it was worth it. The publisher even liked the piece, and that’s like Mikey liking LIFE cereal! (If you’re old enough to remember that)


Heroes inks

Yes I’m posting this process over 4 days instead of 3, but this piece was a bit more involved than usual.

Transport Topics Cartoon – Heroes, inks

Road Team 2013

Full inks for the piece. It was important to have the drivers be as recognizable as possible, increasing the challenge was giving them [...]

Heroes, in process

Transport Topics Cartoon – Heroes, in process

For absolutely no good reason I started inking an this while I was still penciling it. “No good reason” is an apt description because it’s a pretty dumb thing to do. Luckily around this point I stopped and finished out the pencils.

Note the change from the [...]

Christmas Haul

Transport Topics Cartoon – Christmas Haul

Only did two Christmas themed cartoons this year. Sometimes do three or four, so it’s nice to switch up the ideas.

Christmas Inks

Transport Topics Cartoon – Christmas Inks

This was one of those concepts that sounded good, but was impossible to draw as submitted to me. They wanted all the trucks pulled up tot the dock and loading, which while correct in “the real world” would have been REALLY boring as a drawing because you wouldn’t [...]

Cartoon Raw inks

Transport Topics Cartoon – Raw Inks

Raw, uncorrected, inks for next week’s cartoon. I like them, but I’m thinking of going back in, heavier, on the cop. The color cast is from the scanner. The inks are actually on a very nice, bright, bristol.


MC&E Preview

Sketch for the upcoming issue of Transport Topics.

2012 Highway Bill

Transport Topics Cartoon – Highway Bill

I think I salvaged my inks issues with good solid colors on this ‘toon.

2012 Highway Bill

Transport Topics Cartoon – Highway Bill

I freely admit these inks are not my best work ever. In my defense our AC was out for a few days and it was almost 100 degrees. Sit in a humid, 100 degree room and try to draw. UGH.