iTech magazine cover

iTech Cover

iTech Cover

Inks and finished art for the cover of iTech magazine. I got my tear sheets the other day. It’s a full tabloid size magazine so it looks pretty amazing.


Vampires of Kos

Vampires of Kos

Pencils for a full page piece I did for Sword of Kos, a Dungeons and Dragons style story.

Christmas Inks

Transport Topics Cartoon – Christmas Inks

This was one of those concepts that sounded good, but was impossible to draw as submitted to me. They wanted all the trucks pulled up tot the dock and loading, which while correct in “the real world” would have been REALLY boring as a drawing because you wouldn’t [...]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Transport Topics Cartoon – Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving. Hope you can spend it with friends and family.

MC&E Preview

Sketch for the upcoming issue of Transport Topics.

2012 Highway Bill

Transport Topics Cartoon – Highway Bill

I think I salvaged my inks issues with good solid colors on this ‘toon.

Highway Bill 2012

Transport Topics Cartoon – Highway Bill

Not every cartoon is an achingly original idea. I think that this piece makes up for in quality what it lacks in originality.

Fun in the sun

Transport Topics Memorial Day Inks

Transport Topics Distracted Memorial Day Final

Summer is just around the corner, don’t forget your sunblock. There are a couple differences between the two. Seems when I did the inking I was too focused on detail and really messed up his Wayfarers. Yay for the magic of the [...]

He’s texting about snozzberries

Transport Topics Distracted Driving Cartoon

The actual caption is slightly different. I just wanted to work a Super Troopers joke in there. Meow?

TT Cartoon, HURRY!

I really liked this one as inks. The colors look a little light, but since target medium is print it will look fine in the end.

The newspaper uses two different paper stocks, and I never know which kind the cartoon is going to run on, heavy glossy or a lighter, duller stock. That [...]