30 Stories High

30 Stories High

Ultraman inspired sketches I did of a friend

2012 Highway Bill

Transport Topics Cartoon – Highway Bill

I think I salvaged my inks issues with good solid colors on this ‘toon.

2012 Highway Bill

Transport Topics Cartoon – Highway Bill

I freely admit these inks are not my best work ever. In my defense our AC was out for a few days and it was almost 100 degrees. Sit in a humid, 100 degree room and try to draw. UGH.


Fourth of July

Transport Topics Cartoon – 4th of July cartoon

Cartoon for the Ft. McHenry anniversary and for the 4th of July.

Independence Day Inks

Transport Topics Cartoon – Independence Day

Drawing of Ft McHenry for the 4th of July.

Highway Bill 2012

Transport Topics Cartoon – Highway Bill

Not every cartoon is an achingly original idea. I think that this piece makes up for in quality what it lacks in originality.

Trucking Cartoon inks

Transport Topics Cartoon

Fell behind on posts, these inks are from a few weeks ago. I really like the crows in the trees. I think that every artists finds a particular part of a piece of art to be their favorite. Sometimes just a perfect line, sometimes an entire section. I think the simplicity [...]

Out of Service

Transport topics FMCSA cartoon

This might be the first time Rocky has been named in a cartoon. His name has been Rocky for a decade, I’m thinking it’s just never made it into print before.