Friend of mine posted this over on Facebook today. Thought it was worth sharing.

I’m no bones honest about being a commercial artist, so I doing what my client wants is part of my daily routine. But there is room within doing what they want to do your thing, that’s why they hired you. [...]

Edward Tufte course notes 2

Edward Tufte Course Notes

Edward Tufte’s course covers a lot of ground. My initial perception was that “presenting” visual information meant making charts and graphics. His course, though, also covers presenting in the idea of getting up in front of a room full of people. To that end he covers a lot of ground [...]

Edward Tufte Course Notes

Edward Tufte Course Notes

If you present data/information from “real science” or in other large sets, it’s Tufte’s course is a good way to spend the day. ET seems like a nice guy. I got some things out of it, 3 pages of notes (in addition to 4 nice books). Kinda surprised, though I [...]

TT Inks

Transport Topics Inks

Raw inks for next weeks cartoon.

Color by Tom Sachs

Video about color theory by Tom Sachs. Interesting and educational.

Transport Topics Cartoon

Transport topics cartoon

I like how this looks in the on the screen. I’m looking forward to seeing the print version as well.

Came across this beautiful site last night.

Images from is a collection of hand drawn and painted letters and typography. It’s no secret that I’m a HUGE nerd for type and hand I love hand lettering. My own lettering is less formal and gothic in a music sense. I’m blown away by [...]

Cartoon inks

Transport topics cartoon inks

Snuck in a few TV and movie time travel references. A friend asked what the mouse was for. To be honest he’s probably there because I’m so used to drawing Rocky in the corner the piece just felt naked without a little mascot.


Set the WABAC Machine Sherman.

Transport topics cartoon sketch

Trio of sketches for editorial cartoon. I like the way they all run together on the page. The scribbled notes on the side are a list of the different types of time travel I could think of. I somehow forgot both Police Call Box and Telephone Booth; my inner nerd [...]

Helveticards: Swiss style, international fun

Special Edition Uncut Sheet of Helveticards

Still playing Texas Hold ‘Em with you grandfathers playing cards? Get mid-century modern with Helveticards. Printed on premium quality, high gloss, white core playing card stock. Packaged in hard plastic case. For $10 a pack you can’t really miss. For only $40 you can pick up the limited [...]