Self Portrait as a DJ, 2

Self Portrait as a DJ, 2

Another quick self portrait while calibrating my Intuos.

Self portrtrait as a DJ

Self Portrait as a DJ

Quick digital sketch while I was re-training myself to use some new macros I set up in my Wacom. I’ve been dividing my time between and Intuos and a Cintiq (diferent set-ups in different locations). The goal is to to sync up their settings as much as possible. Right [...]

Fun in the sun

Transport Topics Memorial Day Inks

Transport Topics Distracted Memorial Day Final

Summer is just around the corner, don’t forget your sunblock. There are a couple differences between the two. Seems when I did the inking I was too focused on detail and really messed up his Wayfarers. Yay for the magic of the [...]

He’s texting about snozzberries

Transport Topics Distracted Driving Cartoon

The actual caption is slightly different. I just wanted to work a Super Troopers joke in there. Meow?

Transport Topics inks

Transport Topics Cartoon inks

So I posted a mother’s Day ‘toon the other day, and guess what? It wasn’t Mother’s day. I blame all those flower commercials running on HLN.

Happy Birthday, Keith.

Photo used for illustrative purposes only, all rights reserved by owner.

Last Friday would have been Keith Haring’s 54th birthday. To you born after the 80s that doesn’t mean jack. but he was big and really in fashion back then. Before he became a household name he created a lot of street art, definitely [...]

Happy Mother’s Day!

Transport Topics Mothers Day Cartoon

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!