Changes on deadline.

Worked on deadline this week. Editor was out of town so I had to star even before I got approval for the drawing. Unfortunately that meant changes. So the cartoon became an exercise in how to save a days worth of work.

Original Cartoon

Original inks

Inks for Patch

Composited Inks


OK New idea

Jumped ship on yesterday’s boat idea and moved on to relay race. I’ve already revised this sketch twice this morning. Going to do some minor revisions during the pencils and inking. but this is basically it.

Definitely time for more coffee.


Working on my straight to digital skills. This is an all digital drawing I did from a photo I came across online.

I’m not in love with the drawing. I do, however, like the ink wash feel to it. I didn’t notice it while I was working, but when I stepped back it looks [...]


Sketch for next week’s cartoon. Still a bit heavy handed. But I’ve got a few days to work out the ship name and decide if I’m throwing in Rocky.

Money, Success, Fame, Glamour

I kind of hate to admit how much more interesting I find the background of this cartoon. I don’t know if it’s legislative season or something, but I find myself drawing the capitol a lot these days.

I also really like the smiling little cardinal.


Ideas for the next 2 weeks

Quick sketches for the next two weeks. These are based on ideas the editors sent.