Transport Topics Cartoon inks

Transport Topics Cartoon

Next week’s cartoon for Transport Topics.

Back of the Envelope

Back of an envelope pencil sketches of Fergus around the living room.

Severe artistic license

Fun to draw, pain to color. For those of you even cursorily familiar with DC you will know that this is NOT how the city lines up. But like Murray Tinkleman used to say, never let reality get in the way of a good drawing.


TT Cartoon, HURRY!

I really liked this one as inks. The colors look a little light, but since target medium is print it will look fine in the end.

The newspaper uses two different paper stocks, and I never know which kind the cartoon is going to run on, heavy glossy or a lighter, duller stock. That [...]

Possession wine concept

Packaging concept for Posseession wine

From Dainel Brokstad: Possession is a limited edition unholy wine collection, featuring “Evil Demon – Bloody Shiraz”, “Haunting Ghost – Spooky Cabernet” and “Old Witch – Cursed Pinot Noir”. All the wines comes in a solid coffin shaped glossy casing, which adds to the exclusiveness of the wine series. [...]