Liveable Communities

In case you don’t know LaHood is the Secretary of Transportation. Outside of Rocky, I’ve probably drawn him more times than anyone else (in my trucking cartoons.)

I did a couple different versions of this bicycle idea. The only trait common to them all was the guy on the tricycle. That was making it [...]

I:Scintilla – Ammunition

My Pals I:Scinitlla have just released a new EP Prey on You. While I missed them on the recent Electronic Saviors Benefit Concert I did catch them last year and they are amazing live. As fellow designers, artists, and ardent followers of my Daily Fergus project these folks rock on many levels. Check them [...]

Good Idea?

I get the idea of customization, of wanting to “skin” something and make it your own. As it stands, however, Firefox’s new Personas are a nightmare. Obviously every user is going to have a different experience. As a tab heavy user who relies on his Toolbar links a lot, these new Personas are [...]

Obama hires Edwrd Tufte!

C’mon, is there anyone out there who doesn’t know Tufte?

Edward Tufte, Appointee for Member, Recovery Independent Advisory Panel

Edward Tufte is Professor Emeritus of Political Science, Statistics, and Computer Science at Yale University. He wrote, designed, and self-published The Visual Display of Quantitative Information, Envisioning Information, Visual Explanations, and Beautiful Evidence, which [...]