Kitchen lithography!

Cool video on how to make a lithograph with ingredients in your kitchen. It’s a French video, but self explanatory.

> KERN <

This is one of my favorite nerd shirts. It’s like the “there’s no place like″ you need a certain reference point to get it. Sure Star Wars shirt are nerdy. I think, however, far more people get my “Han Shot First” tee than the KERN jacket, especially when it’s open.


Good Idea?

I get the idea of customization, of wanting to “skin” something and make it your own. As it stands, however, Firefox’s new Personas are a nightmare. Obviously every user is going to have a different experience. As a tab heavy user who relies on his Toolbar links a lot, these new Personas are [...]

Nitzer Ebb flyer for the Washington DC show [...]

Voltaire & Hellblinki Sextet web flyer.

Was asked to make a flyer for an upcoming Halloween event here in Washington DC. [...]

When advertising backfires.

Electronic Arts has stirred up one tempest of a tweet-storm over their Acts of Lust contest. The tag thread at #lust was quickly over run with disgusted women and men, trolls and dissapointed fan boys. EA’s apology/explanation seems to have not calmed things down. In fact it’s spawned #EAfail. Funny how a company can so [...]

Was just checking out Daniel Simon’s futuristic concept cars. What beauties! He’s got a blog at, he also has designed his own UNIVERSE. Very cool stuff.

Best Catalog Evar

I’m sure if you asked most women, what catalog is their man’s favorite they’d say “Victoria’s Secret.” I’ll admit several places I lived, with all men, the Vickies catalog showed up quite regularly. But no catalog has ever gone from mailbox to recycling pile, by my significant other’s hand, quite as quickly as The Phantom [...]

Flyer v. Flier

I’ve been producing flyers for about thirteen years. From the early days of photocopying 4-ups at Kinkos to 4-color SWOP they’ve been a personal passion. So imagine my surprise when after years of producing flyers my spell checker tells my I’ve been actually been creating fliers.

I was shocked. So I looked it up [...]

Milton Glaser Works

Milton Glaser has updated his web site Milton Glaser A great place to buy prints, books and limited editions from the renowned designer.

Milton Glaser is, of course, one of the founders of the legendary Push Pin Studios and co-founder of New York Magazine.