Edward Tufte course notes 2

Edward Tufte Course Notes

Edward Tufte’s course covers a lot of ground. My initial perception was that “presenting” visual information meant making charts and graphics. His course, though, also covers presenting in the idea of getting up in front of a room full of people. To that end he covers a lot of ground [...]

Edward Tufte Course Notes

Edward Tufte Course Notes

If you present data/information from “real science” or in other large sets, it’s Tufte’s course is a good way to spend the day. ET seems like a nice guy. I got some things out of it, 3 pages of notes (in addition to 4 nice books). Kinda surprised, though I [...]

Color by Tom Sachs

Video about color theory by Tom Sachs. Interesting and educational.

Helveticards: Swiss style, international fun

Special Edition Uncut Sheet of Helveticards

Still playing Texas Hold ‘Em with you grandfathers playing cards? Get mid-century modern with Helveticards. Printed on premium quality, high gloss, white core playing card stock. Packaged in hard plastic case. For $10 a pack you can’t really miss. For only $40 you can pick up the limited [...]

Possession wine concept

Packaging concept for Posseession wine

From Dainel Brokstad: Possession is a limited edition unholy wine collection, featuring “Evil Demon – Bloody Shiraz”, “Haunting Ghost – Spooky Cabernet” and “Old Witch – Cursed Pinot Noir”. All the wines comes in a solid coffin shaped glossy casing, which adds to the exclusiveness of the wine series. [...]


Great underground vibe on this new cover from French Let’s Motive: ‘a french free magazine distributed in Marseille, Lille, Bordeaux, Lyon and Toulouse.’

It reminds me a Nick Knight‘s work for Massive Attack.


Thar she blows!

Great Wood Whale from Fab. I adore that the mouth holds smart phone, trés clever. Additionally a portion of each sale goes to support the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Wood panels are formaldehyde free and include spacers on back to extend depth when mounted on walls.

Available here while supplies last http://fab.com/sale/2745/product/55587/


Black Ceramic Speakers

Black Ceramic Speakers by Joey Roth

Just saw these on Fab.com, a sale website. While wood stands aren’t a great idea, from an audiophile point of view, they really do look nice. Very clean and simple speakers, probably great for an iPod or other MP3 player.

http://fab.com/sale/2769/product/48687/ This ceramic speaker set includes two speakers, [...]

Use a Bookmark

A book mark would be better!

The Library of Congres shas posted a great collection of public domain, depression era WPA posters. There’s a great variety of subjects, from education and the arts, to work safety, and – well – using a bookmark!

See them all here